Feb 08

CCV Spring CSR meeting – proposal to open an IEEE Student Branch

Our Spring Community of Student Representatives meeting is coming up on February 10th at 10AM at the Upper Valley Campus location. We’ll be proposing our new student branch there! Here is the text from the full proposal:

I’d like to propose the formation of an IEEE Student Branch for CCV. IEEE, (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), is the world’s largest and most respected professional organization for engineers. Over 100,000 Student and Graduate Student members worldwide make up 25% of the membership of IEEE and are essential to its continued growth and vitality. Not only is IEEE the world’s largest technical and professional society, it also publishes a significant amount of the electrical engineering and computer-science literature in the world.

IEEE organizational units provide unique opportunities for members to attend technical presentations, create strong peer-to-peer connections, and participate in leadership opportunities that can make a positive distinction in IEEE members’ jobs and careers.

The geographic organizational units of IEEE that can be formed by petition are Councils, Sections, Subsections, Chapters, Affinity Groups, Student Branches, Student Branch Chapters, and Student Branch Affinity Groups.

Student Branches provide IEEE Student Members the opportunity to meet and learn from fellow students as well as faculty members and professionals in the field. An active IEEE Student Branch can be one of the most positive elements in a department, offering programs in IEEE designated fields of Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology, as well as similarly related fields of interest.

A Student Branch is a basic operating organizational unit of an IEEE Section or Region, constituted by a minimum of twelve (12) IEEE Student members at a particular college, university or technical institute to represent and fulfill the needs of the members and the missions of IEEE. A petition to form a Student Branch must be signed by twelve (12) or more IEEE Student Members and by at least three IEEE members of Member, Senior Member, or Fellow grade, of which no less than two are faculty members teaching in IEEE designated fields, who shall endorse the petition. At each Student Branch, there shall be a Branch Counselor who shall be an IEEE member teaching in IEEE designated fields. To put it in a nutshell, I need 12 students, 2 VT State College faculty members teaching in STEM/CIS/Engineering fields (CCV faculty preferred), one of which whom is willing to stand as our Branch Counselor/Advisor, and 1 more generous IEEE section member to get this off the ground. Membership fees for faculty members may be the largest barrier in this project (Full IEEE membership above the Student grade is $199 annually. Student grade membership is $32 annually). That being said, I sincerely feel that there is a strong potential benefit to be garnered from this for the reputation of CCV and the quality of CCV’s technology and STEM programs, which would directly benefit the faculty participating in this program.

Being a IEEE Student Member brings many benefits to students, such as competitions, student awards, scholarships, fellowships, peer support for STEM/CIS degree-path students, webinars and training courses, professional networking, career opportunities, conferences, continuing education credit courses, and access to IEEE publications, journals, and libraries. Offering an IEEE Student Branch at CCV would not only provide these numerous opportunities for students, but would also give CCV a huge boost of credibility as a stepping stone towards an engineering career!

I would like to open this as a statewide student group, open to any students in STEM/CIS/Engineering/Mechanical Engineering pathways, available to any student of CCV at any campus or attending CCV online. CCV IEEE Student Branch meetings would be mostly online, to better suit the needs of a geographically expansive membership, and any events organized would rotate across the state campuses that boast branch members to ensure equal access to all student members. There is a low annual IEEE student membership fee involved, but this comes with many benefits. If membership dues are a problem, I’m sure we can organize a “sponsor a future engineer” program to help disadvantaged students (it’s $32 a year).

Information about IEEE in Vermont:

  • The state of Vermont resides in Region 1 of IEEE
  • Our IEEE section is the Green Mountain Section
  • There are approximately 500 IEEE Members in the Green Mountain Section in Vermont
  • The University of Vermont & Norwich University have active IEEE Student Branches

You can visit the following links to read more about IEEE Student Branches and their benefits:


Phaewryn O’Guin
Student Representative, Springfield Community College of Vermont

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