Feb 08


Are you an Engineering, Computer Technology, or STEM student at CCV? Are you following an educational track towards a career in computers, technology, or engineering fields?

IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), the world’s largest and most respected professional organization for engineers, is forming a STUDENT BRANCH at CCV! Over 100,000 Student members worldwide make up 25% of the membership of IEEE, and you can be a member too! IEEE Student membership is open to all students in technology, science, and engineering (both mechanical and computer) fields, or any students interested in potentially pursuing these fields.

Being a IEEE Student Member gives you access to:

  • IEEE Student Awards
  • IEEE Scholarships
  • Fellowships & Apprenticeship Opportunities
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Peer Support from other STEM/CIS students across the state
  • Student Branch Competitions & Contests
  • Student Branch Sponsored Technical Presentations
  • IEEE Webinars and Training Courses
  • Professional Networking
  • Career Opportunities through IEEE’s JobSite
  • IEEE Conferences
  • IEEE Continuing Education Credit Courses
  • Access to IEEE Publications, Journals, and Libraries

This IEEE Student Branch will be open to any student of CCV at any campus or attending CCV online. CCV IEEE Student Branch meetings would be mostly online, to better suit the needs of a geographically expansive membership, and any events organized would rotate across the state campuses that boast branch members to ensure equal access to all student members.

IEEE Student Membership is $32 a year. If the membership dues are a limiting factor for you, we will work with you to raise the funds to join, just let us know you need a little help!

Phaewryn O’Guin
Student Representative, Springfield Community College of Vermont

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