I am an adult student on a second career path. I recently finished dual Associates of Science degrees in Information Technology (with a networking specilization) and S.T.E.M Studies at Community College of Vermont. As someone who has faced poverty, adversity, disabling illness, and homelessness first-hand, I feel that my empathy for helping others is strong, and I genuinely enjoy finding solutions that solve problems. I love workarounds and challenges, and excel at finding solutions in creative and unexpected ways (fondly referred to as “kludging”). I hope to combine my technical skills with my social advocacy experience to make a career of solving problems, developing and implementing solutions that help people, and creating a positive and supportive work environment for my company.

I’ve spent the last couple of years recovering from a longstanding mental illness, and in the process, finding myself. With the burden of my mental illness lifted, I have regained control of my life. I have worked hard to resume the lifestyle of an enabled person, one who is not being crushed by illness. I am motivated and ready to catch up on all the “normal life” I have missed due to my disability. I am focused on my future, and what I can give back. I am finally experiencing a level of clarity I’d not had previously, and I am now very focused on a technical career. I am currently enrolled as a student at the Community College of Vermont.

I am seeking opportunities to advance my education and career by volunteering or advancing through internships for professional or non-profit organizations. I would like to offer my skills to assist organizations with IT support, technical and social networking needs, website design, or internships in human resources. I am qualified to assist with website design or maintenance, office technology troubleshooting (PC set up and maintenance, office equipment, wired/wireless network design and troubleshooting), social networking, community outreach, office administration, kennel/cattery management, veterinary assistance, retail merchandising, shipping & receiving, and feet-on-the-ground community service actions. My primary areas of interest are organizations which serve as homeless shelters, organizations which serve the homeless, animal rescues or shelters, disaster and humanitarian relief efforts, poverty alleviation (I am Bridges out of Poverty trained), social service agencies, mental health organizations working within our communities to serve marginal populations, and professional associations, fraternal organizations, or clubs dealing with technology/engineering.

About the Author

Phaewryn O'Guin, Author

Phaewryn was born J.D. O’Guin in 1975 in Memphis Tennessee, growing up in a poverty-ridden suburb just far enough north of the city to be isolated from resources, but close enough to have all the social malfunctions of inner-city life. The O’Guin family consisted of a father who worked from before daylight to after dark every day just to try to keep the lights on, a mother with a drug and alcohol addiction, and the author oneself. As a child, Phaewryn’s dream was to someday become an architect, which then became an interior designer, and followed by simply hoping to live through the experience of life – to be a survivor. In 2003, Phaewryn moved to Vermont and has never looked back. Phaewryn is nonbinary. Pronouns: it, its, ones, oneself - if these make you uncomfortable, avoid using pronouns completely.

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