A collection of poems I've written

Love Poem To Tommy Trueheart

Sir Thomas Trueheart, a heart made of gold, with soft ginger fur, a sight to behold.
I've followed your story, and all of your fans, I've watched how you rallied, your circle expand.
Your struggle to conquer wounds caused to you by man, sickened my heart, as all torture can.
As hearts often struggle in moral grey waters, I'm weaker than those who be moral highfliers.
Beautiful Tommy, I admit it is true, I'd bludgeon the prick, who poured acid on you.
Rip out his heart and feed it to pigs, piss on his grave and do a fair jig.
I scream in frustration at our culture's cruel fate, deep lack of empathy, and hearts full of hate.
But what would I be, with this anger inside, but that which has harkened this dark evil tide?
In this awareness of my immoral weakness, I look at myself, and question, how I can beat this?
What can one do, to look at one's darkness, to truly develop through the task that thus hearkens?
In each one of us, there is a spark, a beacon of light that shines in the dark.
In order to kindle a heart that beats true, there is only one task that we all must do.
To focus one's anger, and sorrow, and tears, and gather them up across all the years.
And take them as lessons, for each lesson matters, and use all the pain that leaves one in tatters.
To find what it is that most matters to you, and fight for this thing with all that you do!
In closing, dear Thomas, I'll let it be known, that deep in my heart it is LOVE I will hone.
I wont be screaming or pissing on graves, nor let unconscionable thoughts consume me in waves.
I wont rant on facebook with posts made in anger, nor poison myself nor the life of a stranger.
I'll look at myself and all that I do, and look in all ways to fair honor you.
In this simple way, I hope you will see, you inspire me towards that which I should be.
Love, care, and charity, I strive to pursue, and when I can: I'll DONATE TO RESCUE!

This poem was written January 30th 2017 for a Valentine's day contest for Thomas Trueheart, a cat that was tortured by someone who poured acid over his head.


When I Die

When my final days arrive
I will ride out into the vast
through the holy wooded corridor
of earth, wind, and spirit
upon my white stallion of truth
leading the black mare of intrigue

And when I find my place of rest
from my beast I shall remove
all traces of mankind and earthy binds
and he shall be freed with intrigue
to meet his fate without my weight
not bound into servitude under man

And in this ritual, I hope to find
answers to long asked inquiries
as I cast away the binds I created
against those who should remain free
will I finally see the truth
through my own hypocrisy, humanity?

if in my final gesture
should truth be mine to see
free me from this earthly fate
may I not relive another lifetime
give me peace from this cruel place
to which I have long been cast

And if I am not worthy
earthly lessons left unlearned
then I ask in humbled grace
that you cast me back down into hell
to another earthly life of misery
until I have gained insight

For truth should only come
to those who have found it justly
and if I be not of justice
and learned of truth honestly
then give me not a simple fate
but cast me into a life of strife

through a million earthly lives
imprisoned in human ignorance
I will fight my way towards this end
to find my way back to that which I am
to live in honor again
within the halls of truth



the image through this dirty window pane...
is of the sky, the stars, the dark nighttime horizon...
and behind the dusty motes a reflection lies...
this tattered memory I have pieced together...
behind me, a bed, which once we shared...
I can almost make myself see you, there...
the image, through this dirty window, pain...
and in neither way, and yet in both directions...
you remain, behind me, memory, and before me...
the vast world in which somewhere you are...
but greets me only that dark nighttime sky...
and you remain, a phantom in my dust stained...
window pane.



alight upon my stoop
beloved other
and make us from I
and we from me
beacon of light
against my darkness
peaceful stillness
against my yearning
glorious freedom
against my conformity
remove my doubt
and make me sure
remove my fear
and make me daring
remove my fetters
and make me free
alight upon my heart
beloved other
and show me the way
to love