Evaluations from Instructors

Computer Applications CIS-1041

" Phae is a wonderful student in my CIS-1041-Computer Applications on-Ground class. [Phae] attended classes prepared - with great questions. [Phae] was able to apply what she learned in each class - with speed, clarity, and enthusiasm. Phae has a wonderful technical brain - that can absorb written, audio and visual information thoroughly. " Final Grade: A+

Jil MacMenamin


Website Development CIS-1151

" Phae is a natural at programming, studies hard, researches thoroughly, and enjoys learning technology. Phae submits the homework in early each week, and goes above and beyond for each assignment. Phae's questions demonstrate how involved she/he is with computer classes. I am always rewarded after thoroughly answering [Phae's] questions because I can see how he/she applies this new knowledge in the subsequent assignments. [Phae] absorbs technical directions, and researches extensively, before asking additional questions. Phae has done extra credit work, helped me update class documents, attended faithfully, and is a joy to work with. I highly recommend that Phae take as many programming classes as she can squeeze into her degree program. " Final Grade: A+

Jil MacMenamin


Desktop Operating Systems CIS-1350

" [Phae's] work in class was exemplary. Once we hit our stride with communication style I really think the class became enjoyable, at least for me it did. [Phae has] a brilliant mind with one of the keenest eyes for detail of anyone I have ever interacted with. It's simply astounding the level of complex detail [Phae is] able to observe and process. [Phae] will be amazing in the field of computers, regardless of which sub-field [they] choose to enter. Excellent job, you should be proud of the work you have done. " Final Grade: A+

Dr. Kelly White